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Join Our Facebook Live Events!

Join Our Facebook Live Events
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Unlock Parenting Success! 🌟

Are you a parent looking to navigate the ups and downs of raising happy and resilient children? Do you crave expert guidance and support on your parenting journey? We are here to help.

We are offering a series of Facebook Live events September through December sure to  be an empowering experience and will transform your approach to parenting.

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Join Dr. Tish Taylor - Licensed Child Psychologist and Education Consultant, along with Mrs. Jodie Maddox - Special Educator, School Administrator, Parent Coach and Education Consultant, Live on Facebook starting in September.

Dr. Taylor and Mrs. Maddox - are excited to give their Professional Perspective in an open conversation with parents, live on Facebook twice a month. Together they will address some of the most frequently asked questions from parents within their private practices.

Live discussions begin in September from 7:45pm to 8:05pm; topics include:

September 7 - How routine and predictability builds independence and confidence.

September 21 - Three important things to know about Executive Functioning Skills.

October 5 - How to help kids manage stress and anxiety around school.

October 19 - How to help kids manage stress and anxiety around friends.

November 2 - Understanding the different types and symptoms of ADHD.

November 16 - Fours things that help build healthy coping skills.

November 30 - How do I know if I should have my child screened for dyslexia.

December 14 - Co-Parenting discussion and strategies for working with schools.

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