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Professional Development Course

I am excited to offer a wide variety of professional development. I am also able to customize professional development to meet the specific needs of your school community. I can't wait to connect, and get started. 

Professional Development  Opportunities

  1.  Easy Differentiated Instruction for working with children with ADHD, Dyslexia, and Anxiety (all grade levels)

  2.  The Importance of Connection before Correction. Building Engaging Relationships with Students (all grade levels)

  3.  Guided Social and Emotional  Learning - Reflection, Coaching, and Implementation (all grade levels)

  4.  Leadership Coaching (Administration and Management)

  5.  Instructional Coaching with Teachers (all grade levels)

  6.  Early Literacy, Science of Reading (PreK - 2)

  7. Technology and Brain Development, the effects on attention and motivation (all grade levels)

  8. PTO Parenting Series (For Parents)

    a. Executive Functioning Skills
    b. Strength Based Parenting - Loving your unique child
    c. Loving & Guiding when Children are Anxious

    d. Setting Healthy Boundaries and Routines
    e. The Effects of Too Much Technology On Our Youth

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What schools can expect:

I offer solutions and training for educational needs including leadership training, instructional coaching, strategic planning, and Executive Functioning Strategies and training for parents and the classroom.
Contracts will include a free consultation to analyze current needs, target areas of growth, and identify specific goals.




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