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Erase power struggles, & build the relationships you desire!!!

Why work with a parent coach?

What would you be willing to do or pay to get rid of frustrating power struggles, build healthy communication skills with your child or teen, and help them find the success they deserve?


Parenting should not be exhausting or emotionally draining. If you need help managing your child's behavior, emotions, or neurological diagnosis like ADHD, OCD, dyslexia, or anxiety you are not alone!


Contact me today, let's get started building the life you desire as a parent, and providing your child with the skills the need to be confident, independent, and successful!!

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My Services

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Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is done privately with one or both parents. Clients commit to 10 weekly sessions focused on their family and their needs. Together we assess your personal situation and strength. You will take time to dream of your preferred family life, and design a plan of action to provide the relief and support needed. 


Motivational Speaker

I've taught Special Education and been a principal at all grade levels, kindergarten through 12th grade. My scope includes the "big picture". My philosophy and approach center on connectivity and strength-based transformation. My strategies help parents and teachers find desired success and growth within the identified area of need.  Motivational and public speaking opportunities are available for your group, school, or office.


Group Workshops and Training

A wide range of professional development for schools/teachers, as well as parent workshops for church's, PTO's, or support groups are available. Classes range in length and topic. Most can be offered via Zoom or done in person. Clients should come prepared to learn, laugh, and fall in love with connecting with children and teens! 


About Me

Parent Coach & Education Consultant

I provide support to parents by asking curious questions and building a strong one-on-one relationship. I help guide parents through the decision-making process, loaning them my experience and support. My goal is to help parents make decisions based on what is right for their families. We are in this together, let me know how I can help. I can't wait to connect.

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!Book a FREE Consultaton

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