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Jodie Maddox
Parent Coach & Education Consultant

Motivational & Public Speaking Available


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I have taught Special Education and been a principal at all grade levels, kindergarten through 12th grade. My philosophy and approach center on connectivity and strength-based transformation. My strategies help parents and teachers find desired success and growth within the identified area of need.  Motivational and public speaking opportunities are available for your group, school, or office, contact me today.

Popular Speaking Topics


Executive Functioning Skills

Participants learn important information regarding Executive Functioning Skills, skills that should be fostered and nurtured throughout childhood and a person's teenage years. EFS are mental skills that are essential to helping children and adults complete daily tasks and establish healthy successful relationships.


Strength Based Parenting

Strength-based parenting breaks patterns of negative thoughts, and helps parents understand why focusing on what a child can do, before addressing things they need to improve is crucial. Parents learn how to pinpoint what is good and wonderful about their child. Strength based parenting is espcially helpful for parents with children diagnosed with  ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, and other neurolgical needs.


Setting Healthy Digital Boundaries

More and more teachers and parents are noticing that children are struggling with motivation, focus, and attention.  Learn WHY and HOW technology is changing brain development, and what we can do as parents and adults to help our children foster healthy habits and grow important executive functioning skills in a world saturated with technology.  


What You Can Expect From Me!

Jodie Maddox, Parent Coach & Education Consultant 

I am PASSIONATE about helping parents and teachers help kids succeed!

I consider myself a thinking PARTNER for parents and schools,  focused on your needs.

I will EMPOWER you to make transformative decisions within your sphere of influence.

PROVIDE reliable support, with effective strategies, to help you gain desired results.

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