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Plan A Parenting Workshop For Your Group Today!!!

 The Intentional Parenting Workshop  focuses on Strength Based Parenting.  Participants will discuss the importance of parent self care, self compassion, mindfulness, and how we as parents can love and nurture our children and their unique nature.

Participants will learn why big behaviors are big unmet needs. Parents and caregivers will learn how focusing on your child's needs, and not just their behaviors, can easily eliminate power-struggles and meltdowns.

The sessions can be taken individually or back to back. Each class is related to one another. These classes are perfect for churches, parenting groups, PTO/PTA organizations, pediatrician, and counseling offices that want to provide support for their clients.

This workshop can be offered via Zoom or in-person.
See the full descriptions of the workshop below.

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Available Classes and Topics

Self-care and mindfulness for parents.

You can not give from an empty cup. Learn why self-compassion and self care are  important elements to loving and nurturing your children. Learn to let go of constant self-judgment and treat yourself with the same kindness and caring you strive to offer your kids. Students will also learning the importance of mindfulness, and parenting in the here and now. 

 Why focusing on executive functioning skills is essential.

Learn important information about Executive Functioning Skills, skills that should be fostered and nurtured throughout childhood and a person's teenage years. EFS are mental skills that are essential to helping children and adults complete daily tasks and establish healthy successful relationships.

Strength-based parenting - loving your unique child.

Strength-based parenting breaks patterns of negative thoughts, why focusing on what a child can do, before addressing things they need to improve. Learn how to pinpoint what is good and wonderful about your child. Come celebrate your unique child!


Loving and caring when children are anxious.

This class will focus on how we as parents can love and nurture our children through their own anxiety. Parents will learn ways to provide support and guidance to help their children cope and manage their own emotions. Information is not child specific and may be applied to a parent’s own struggle with anxiety. 


Setting healthy boundaries and routines.


Setting healthy boundaries is an essential part of your child’s formation. Boundaries teach children how to develop social skills, set healthy limits, and how to make good decisions. Learn how to enforce expectations, in a calm consistent way, aligned with your family’s values and priorities.  

Technology and development, a dangerous pair.

Teachers and parents consistently ask me why it seems like more and more kids are struggling with a lack of motivation, focus, and attention.  Learn WHY and HOW technology is changing brain development, and what we can do as parents and adults to help our children foster healthy habits and grow important executive functioning skills in a world saturated with technology.  

What Clients Can Expect

  • Gain structured guidance and support from a licensed educator.

  • Get to know other parents with similar needs and questions.

  • Feel supported and heard.

  • Improve communication skills .

  • Increase confidence with decision making.

  • Improve time management skills and daily organization.

  • Improve conflict resolution skills .

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