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Intentional Parenting Workshop
In person or via Zoom - Starting in September

 I will once again be partnering with Doors of Hope Counseling to offer a weekly Intentional Parenting Workshop, in a safe confidential environment. Come and get connected to with parents interested in learning new parenting strategies that will help foster and grow your child's independence and executive functioning skills.

Parents and caregivers  who might be interested in this workshop include parents and caregivers who work with children managing anxiety  ADHD, Dyslexia, ODD, OCD, ASD, Learning Disabilities, or issue with self regulation and impulse control. Strageties and skills taught are easy, non-stress techniques that can be aplied in an organic way to typical parenting challenges and issues. 

What to expect

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  • Confidentiality 

  • Support, guidance, and trusted experience

  • Networking with other parents

  • $65 per session or $300 for all 6 classes

  • Open group: join at any time in person or via Zoom

Benefits of taking this  Workshop

  • Gain structured guidance and support from a licensed educator.

  • Get to know other parents with similar needs and questions.

  • Feel supported and heard.

  • Improve communication skills .

  • Increase confidence with decision making.

  • Improve time management skills and daily organization.

  • Improve conflict resolution skills .

Classes and Topics
(all classes are from 7:30-9:00 pm)

  •  9/12/23         Self Care and Mindfulness for Parents        

  •   9/19/23       Why Focusing on Executive Functioning Skills is Essential 

  •   9/26/23        Strength Based Parenting - Loving Your Unique Child

  •   10/3/23        Loving and Caring For Kids When They Are Anxious

  •  10/10/23      Setting Healthy Boundaries and Routines

  •   10/17/23     Technology and Development A Dangerous Pair                         

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